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Sharp, dramatic photography that tells a story and sells a product

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In frame: Joshua Moses
In frame: Amy Rushent
In frame: Elija Halil Adalier
In frame: A Barman at The Market House, Reading
In frame: Lilla Varga
Product Photography

Stylish and effective imagery to promote your product line

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First impressions count.

They always have, they always will. The main difference is they happen online now. Whether you're about to interview for an exciting new opportunity, an actor on the way to an audition, or even sitting around wondering when (or if) your date is going to show up. They've already seen your photos, formed an opinion of you and made assumptions based on the opinion. 

Let's make sure they're Great photos

My unique approach to portrait photography makes sure to capture you at your most genuine. This won't be a case of 'say cheese'. No matter how much experience you have in front of a camera I'll guide you to the best possible result, and make sure we have a laugh along the way. 

Your comfort is my priority

Photoshoots are daunting. There's no hiding it. Between choosing the right photographer, deciding which outfits are best and stressing about that one bit of hair that won't behave you already have a lot on your plate. Add the fact that you're meeting and spending time with a complete stranger, and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. 

I make sure to never push anyone out of their comfort zone. The aim of each shoot is to work together to make a photo that perfectly captures who you are as a person. Obviously, this can't exist without a relaxing atmosphere - So I go out of my way to allow my clients comfort and relaxation. I tailor my style of directing to how you respond to the first few prompts, keep you up to speed on how the shots are looking and make sure you have as much creative control of the photos as you'd like. I'd also like to stress that if you'd like to bring someone with you for the shoot that's absolutely fine.

But don't just take my word for it,

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In modern photography, editing is just as important as the photos themselves. In my editing, I go out of my way to achieve a sharp, dramatic look that stays honest to how you look while drawing more attention to the important parts of the photo. The three shots below are examples of progressively more complex edits. The first is a headshot retouch, where the main aim is accuracy to how the person in frame looks. The second is a portrait retouch where I felt the original backdrop colours didn't match the dramatic lighting and pose so darkened it, and the third is a fashion shot where I decided I'd prefer it to have been taken by the sea rather than in central London. If I do extreme edits to your shots, I'll make sure to send you 2 copies, one where it stays more true to the original